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Skin care routine: soft and firm chest

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

My skin care routine for a soft and firm chest.

I actually have several routines. I'm sharing one with you today that you can easily follow at home. It works whether you are waxed, shaved or naturally smooth.

For this method you will only need two safe cosmetic products of natural and vegan origin. I have them regularly in stock at a low price. If interested, please inquire via the contact section.

1. Organic Rhassoul / Ghassoul. Clay is actually always considered organic, but there's different quality available on the market. I only use and offer the best one.

2. Organic Argan Oil (full fruit extract with wax, non torrified)

Directions: Use rhassoul as a mask on your chest twice a week. It takes about 10 min to dry. It can be a bit messy to wash it off the fisrt time. That's why I advise you to simply jump in the shower to rinse it off with water (no soap, no shower gel). Towel dry your skin, and then massage your chest with pure organic argan oil. I highly recommend to do this before bedtime.

Results on my chest!

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