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MisterB&B doesn't care that you might get killed?!?!

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I was curious to see what kind of places were offered in Casablanca on the MisterB&B plateform. I was chocked to discover the website was advirtising appartments in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods of Casablanca. Isn't MisterB&B designed for gay tourists? Remember that gay sex is illegal in Morocco. All LGBTI people are criminals' favorite targets in Morocco, 24h/7. So why would you send them to areas that are already unsafe for straight locals? I tried to contact the website several times on that subject, and even offered free consulting. I only got answers from bots and agents who read my email but still ask me to send my message to other departments (again and again). I eventually never got any answer to my emails, and the ads are still running.

They want to become billionaires sucking gay money but don't care that you might get attacked, stolen, and fatally injured?

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