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Massage scam!

Updated: May 15, 2019

Do you use those gay male masseur listing websites? I'm not speaking about the French websites. I m talking about the American one, the most well known one, that get top ranked on Google. I don't want to say its names. It only deserve a boycott (for many reasons)

There s not one week where I don't get one of their listed ''masseurs'' (scammers) calling me for an appointment. They never declare themselves to me as masseurs, but I always end up recognizing them.

They keep asking me questions during the whole session: ''how I do this stroke'', ''why do I start with this body part'', ''where do I buy my oils'', etc, etc. They're so obvious. I just need to check the masseur listing websites and see their pictures to confirm I was right. They all state that they have certifications, but it seems they learn nothing in those Parisian massage schools (Azenday, Bioplus, etc). I say that because they ask me to explain them so very basic things.

I just want you to be aware of that situation. You're of course do whatever you want to do. But I dont recommend to pay for a pretty face or a pretty picture. Please get a real treatment, from a nice and profesional massage therapist.

I'm proud to be not only certified but also licensed, insured, and paying tax.

Be safe!

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