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MasseurFinder Scam!

I personnally had a horrible experience with this awful website. So many male massage therapists and gay massage clients are saying Masseur Finder is a scam. Just google ''Masseurfinder scam'' and you will find tons of testimonials. It s scary. You can search as deep as you want on the Internet you will never find who are the individuals behind the website: no real name, no valid email, no real address (delaware p.o box), no telephone number. Why hide so much if you re not doing anything illegal. I read posts of male masseurs explaining how they were scammed and robbed by this gay massage website, how they are overcharged, how they get suspended or banned from the website with no reason (after being charged of course). Clients are saying that masseurfinder is a advertising criminals, thugs, thieves, prostitutes and drug offenders. It's really disgusting. Even though I had myself a terrible experience with this disgusting website I have to say that all the online claims and testimonials are all alleged. I m waiting for the day when the people behind the website will be prosecuted and locked up. I advise everybody looking for a gay massage therapist to avoid using the masseur finder plateform.

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