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5 things to ask your gay masseur (in Paris)

1. Is he a massage therapist?

First of all, I would like to say that if he always refers himself as a masseur and never a massage therapist. It's already a red flag. He doesn't take what he's doing seriously and certainly doesn't have the appropriate education and skills.

2. Is he licensed?

In France you're really licensed if you actually have a degree issued by the Ministery of Education that allows body work (physical therapy, skin care, esthetic). Licenses issued by private organisations are not legally recognized. Those private profesional organisations will obliged you to get your ''education'' in very expensive private schools, where unfortunately you learn very little. It's a business!

3. Is he certified and where did he get his certification?

To get licensed you need a minimum of general education. But some of your masseur couldn't even get a high shool degree. Most of the French private schools accept people with no general education at all. As long as the candidate can pay the tuition fees and are not too demanding in skills. Certifications from serious schools are still very important and complementary with a license (an official state degree). Certifications shows that your massage therapist took formal training is various techniques that he will eventually adapt to his own protocoles, if he's smart and skilled enough. I'm myself certified in various techniques. I was talking about the low level of education in French private massage schools, I've noticed a also a big issues with schools in Thailand. I met several so called ''masseurs'' who told me they spent a week of vacation in Thailand and came back with a thai massage certification! I'm sure they didn t spend more than an afternoon in the school. They actually laughed about it, but I have to admit the paper itself look pretty good. What a fraud!

4. Does he have professional insurance?

Working as a massage therapist without issurance is illegal in France! What is the ''masseur'' breaks you? Burns you with hot stones? Harm you or your belongings in anyway? What if he affects your health? Some crazy ''masseurs'' who have no knowledge in cosmetics would even use chemically charged products on you. Please be safe.

5. Does he have a company?

If the massage therapist works freelance, he has to register a company. That also mean he could bill you if you and that he pays his taxes. He s not totally a stanger. He s not totally anonymous. He is knows by the authorities. It's way safer.

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